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Hat trick for Häring KG: We received three awards at once

Anton Häring KG is honored with the awards "Germany's Best Employer" and "Germany's Most Valuable Employer" and - because all good things come in threes - is awarded the quality seal "World Market Leader - Champion 2023" by WirtschaftsWoche.

Citizens have decided: For the third time in a row, Häring KG scores above average among the population. In cooperation with the rating and ranking agency ServiceValue, WELT conducted a nationwide survey on the attractiveness 3,906 employers from the Service, Trade and Industry sectors. In this context, 700,000 citizens rated which employers have a particularly positive image. Above-average values were awarded for "high employer attractiveness". Once again, we achieved above-average scores in the Industry sector.

Together with WirtschaftsWoche, ServiceValue also set out to find employers who are committed to the common good and are therefore valuable to the region. After all, the more successful a company is, the more society participates, according to a release. This question was best answered by the people of the region, who, as part of the study, assessed how relevant a company in the respective district was for the common good by ranking them on a scale of 1 (excellent) to 5 (poor). Once again, Anton Häring KG was able to achieve an excellent result and can count itself among the top 1000 most valuable employers in Germany, alongside companies such as ADAC, Daimler and Deutsche Telekom. "Skilled workers want a good employer - these awards help them recognize just that. The fact that we were rated very highly in terms of attractiveness in both studies is a great response for us," says a delighted president, Miriam Häring.

But employees should not only be able to recognize where it's nice to work - the requirements for a safe workplace have increased sharply in light of recent events. The coronavirus pandemic, a rapid increase in gas prices, supply blockages, inflation - the multi-crisis situation did not leave many companies unscathed. Against this background, WirtschaftsWoche formulated a list of the new world market leaders in 2023. Unchanged in this ranking: Anton Häring KG. "The group of world market leaders in German-speaking countries has melted down to less than 500. We have been consistently listed in this ranking for several years - that is obviously not a matter of course," says Häring, taking the seal of quality as an incentive to remain securely in the market in the future. "As a family-owned company, social responsibility is a top priority for us - even and especially in times of crisis. We are optimally positioned technologically and particularly in terms of personnel. We are proud of our team strength and the company philosophy of 'Think It. Believe It. Achieve It.' - part of our recipe for success."

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