Gebäude von außen, davor zwei Mitarbeiter lachen in die Kamera

USA trip of the apprentices and students

Four trainees and students were rewarded in recognition of their outstanding performance and given the opportunity to visit the Haering Precision USA plant. Each year, the four most dedicated apprentices and students are allowed to visit a different location of the Häring Group. This is a unique opportunity to get to know the international sites better.

Through their visit, the young professionals had the opportunity to experience the daily work routine, interact with their American colleagues and learn about the technologies on site. They also gained insights into global corporate strategy and the U.S. market.

In addition to gaining an insight into everyday working life, the trainees and students also had time to get to know American culture. Together with their American colleagues,  they explored the surrounding area and took part in local events. "It has always been my dream to travel to America, and I am glad that this dream has finally come true." Carina Wißmann, one of the selected students, expressed her gratitude.

"Our apprentices and students are the future of our company, and we are proud to offer them this unique opportunity," emphasizes President Miriam Häring. "Visiting our newest production site in the U.S. allows them to think outside the box, experience international collaboration and develop their skills in a global environment.”

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