zwei männliche Mitarbeiter von Häring stehen an einer Maschine

Wirtschaftwoche honors Häring.

The magazine “WirtschaftsWoche” names Häring "Valuable Employer for the Common Good".

Together with ServiceValue, WirtschaftsWoche conducted a nationwide online survey of how valuable German employers are for the common good. The study looks at the companies with the largest numbers of employees. Anton Häring KG was also evaluated and awarded a prize.

The background to the award is the aspect that the value of a company is not only measured by sales figures or market shares, but also by the role it plays for the common good - for example in terms of jobs, tax contributions or sustainability. The study looks at these aspects and honors the companies that are particularly valuable to the community.

"We are particularly pleased to receive this award, as it shows that we, as a family-owned company, also make a valuable contribution to society," says a delighted Miriam Häring, President of Anton Häring KG. "For many years now, we have also been involved in activities beyond our day-to-day business. For example, we invest in the regional infrastructure and in the education of young people. The fact that such things are also seen naturally motivates us: we will continue on our successful path."

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